How You Can Help

There are many ways that we can all help find missing children:

  • Actively looking for a missing child - being familiar with their likeness (and not just key features) while out and about increases the likelihood of them being spotted and brought home

  • Helping to spread awareness - whether by Facebook sharing or printing and posting flyers there are many ways to help get more people involved and looking - just make sure you share the correct information

  • Providing detailed and actionable tips to investigators

There are literally millions of people familiar with missing child cases and your help is appreciated more than you can imagine. Staying vigilant over time will be the key to bringing them home. While they have yet to be found, all it takes is one sighting, one conversation, one tip to make the difference.

Actively LookingKeep your eyes and ears open whenever you are out, you never know when you may come across a missing child you may recognize.

Watch for children who’s look shares a likeness with the missing child. Remember that their appearance may have been altered.

  • Items such as glasses may no longer be worn or may be a different style

  • Hair may be dyed a different color or cut to a different length

  • They are probably older than when they went missing

Observe the child's mannerisms, how he/she behaves can be a good indicator.

  • They may seem distant, hesitant, nervous, etc - remember that there could be a threat of harm against them or their family if they don't comply

Do not be afraid to ask questions if something seems out of place

  • Remember in cases like Elizabeth Smart's where a child may be stopped, questioned, and still not recognized

If you strongly suspect a child might be a missing child you recognize after observing what has been outlined, call their name and look for a reaction from the child and the adult(s) they are with.

Report anything strange or suspicious - see the next section on Reporting Tips - many missing children are found by strangers reporting something that "just didn't seem right"

Reporting TipsIf you think you see a missing child call 911 promptly. If you think you have seen a missing child or have some information that will lead to their recovery please call the associated official tip line immediately. If you have information that may include a written description, photos, video, etc. please send that to any associated tip email of Facebook page associated with the case – make sure you verify that it is legitimate first!! Here are some helpful "do's and don'ts" when reporting tips so we can help investigators as much as possible.

  • DO NOT call or report tips through any other hotline, email address, or agency

    • with a case still being actively investigated reporting to other agencies just delays your tip from getting to investigators and will often times not include all information you may have provided

  • DO call the tip line right away - don't wait!!

  • DO provide as much detailed information as possible

    • time, place, description, identifying land marks, vehicles, etc

    • vehicle license plate if possible - can help to quickly ID a vehicle's owner

    • take a photo or even video of the child or people, take a picture of the location and/or landmarks, etc and email it all in - if you have a phone capable of doing this

    • provide your contact information you feel comfortable with (contact phone preferred) so that investigators can contact you back as quickly as possible

  • DO NOT always expect a call back; if the tip is detailed enough investigators will have everything they need and will probably not require follow up

Every tip is reviewed and cataloged, even the ones that only say "I have info about this specific child". Don't delay in submitting your tips, it could mean the difference in finding the missing child. It will only take one tip to break their case and bring them home.