Order Child Safety Materials

The Kyron Horman Foundation’s mission is building awareness campaigns to bring missing children home. Our Board and volunteers feel that helping educate and equip families with resources to help prevent their children from going missing is a part of that mission.

We now offer child safety materials to other approved* non-profit organizations and/or events free of charge to distribute to families within local communities. Safety materials can be ordered individually or as a “kit” depending on the nature of the effort and/or event.

Child ID Card Kit

This item comes as a kit to create child ID cards that parents keep with them in case of a missing child emergency. Similar to a child ID kit the child ID card has important identifying information but is instead a laminated card that can be carried in a wallet or purse (where ID kits are usually left at home).

The cards, when assembled, include identifying information: name, age, height, weight and distinguishing marks and then include a photo and finger print of the child – all protected with a laminate cover. Photos are taken at the time of the card being issued with instant cameras. Laminate covers do not require a machine so absolutely no power is required to create and distribute the child ID cards.

The kit includes the following items (enough to create ~300 cards) and is restocked free of charge as needed.

    • ID cards and pens

    • Instant cameras with film and extra batteries

    • Finger print stickers and ink pads

    • Scissors, scale (for measuring weight) and tape measure (for measuring height)

    • Laminate covers for cards when assembled

    • Instructions for card assembly

Shoe ID Stickers

These convenient stickers go inside your child’s shoe, on the footbed. There is room for parents to write cell phone numbers on the sticker, affix it to the footbed in the shoe and then a sticky, plastic cover (also provided) goes over the sticker to prevent smudging or wearing of the information.

Often times when kids are under stress even simple things committed to memory can be forgotten. Shoe ID stickers are a convenient way to keep parent contact information handy for your child while also keeping it hidden from view.

Printed Materials

These resources are all available online for download and print but costs of printing can be expensive. The Kyron Horman Foundation provides them printed free of charge on approved request. All materials are designed to provide parents and kids alike with helpful information around keeping children safe when at home and out in the community.

Safety tips for kids (material direct from the FBI’s web site) – tri-fold brochures

KidSmartz flyers (material from NCMEC)

Safety Scenarios

Preventing Abduction

Going Out Checklist

Discussion Guides (material from NCMEC)

Ages 5-8

Ages 9-12

Ages 13-17